Graphic gallery

Please present Velodroms among your other suppliers on your website, in advertisments or in printed matter. Link to Below you can find a variety of logos for white or coloured on-line backgrounds, and for print. Call us if you don’t find what you need. Product images are on the Products page. Klick to view high-res images, right-klick to download.

For white background:

velodrom-logo_250    gif 250 px for web

velodrom-logo_120    gif 120 px for web

velodrom-logo_80    gif 80 px for web

velodrom-logo_60    gif 60 px for web

velodrom-logo_tryck    eps for print  (N.B.: use the linked file)

For black background:

velodrom-logo-vit_250    gif 250 px for web

velodrom-logo-vit_120    gif 120 px for web

velodrom-logo-vit_80    gif 80 px for web

velodrom-logo-vit_60    gif 60 px for web

velodrom-logo-vit_tryck    eps for print (N.B.: use the linked file)