Sports eyeware for any adventure

Velodrom is a line of sunglasses and protective eyewear for outdoor sports. With a unique combination of ergonomic design and clever material choices we have created a recipe for glasses that give you safety, comfort and style at a bargain price.


Bikers’ best choice of glasses. The secret is a unique combination of functional design and careful selection of materials. Velodrom keeps the wind out and gives your eyes a filtered light that will keep you comfortable and alert during long rides.


Velodrom glasses are perfect for sport and leisure at sea. Our brown and yellow lenses efficiently filter out glitter and glare, making it easier to see both instruments and the seabed when it gets shallow. If your near vision is flagging, try our bifocal glasses and your instruments will light up sharp again.


Air sport

Air sports make tough demands on glasses. You want a good view and you need to keep your eyes fresh and alert at all times. Velodrom’s brown and yellow lenses are perfect. Our lenses give a crisp contrast in all weathers. Whether you pilot a paraglider, a Cessna or a hot air balloon, you will do it better with Velodrom glasses.


Climbing, trekking or ice skating – reliable navigation is imperative. You need to know where you are and see where you’re going. Our yellow and brown high-contrast lenses provide a clear view in all demanding weather conditions. With our bifocal glasses, you can read maps and navigation devices even if your near sight is flagging.

About Velodrom

The story of a young biker who got fed up with dust in his eyes

You have come to the right place. Velodrom are the glasses you’ve been looking for. Designed in Sweden, by me, Björn. In 1988 I was a young biker who couldn’t find glasses that kept the wind out of my eyes. So I created my own brand of sports eyeware that became an instant success. Try them and you will not want to ride, fly, drive, trek or whatever with anything else.

Vintage CEO