Foto: Walter Arce/DreamstimeA mediterranian look with all the epic Velodrom features. Perfect fit on most faces. Slightly more tight than Daytona.


Hector Smoke (VEL51)

Hector Nightrider

Hector Nightrider (VEL54)

Hector Dayglow

Hector Dayglow (VEL57)

Hector is also available with bifocal lenses, for thoses of you who need a little help to make the near world sharp again. Just glance down at your map or instruments and you can read effort-less. Read more under the menu “Bifocal”.

Hector Bifocal 1.50 Nightrider

Hector Bifocal +1.50 Nightrider (VEL56)

Hector Bifocal +1.50 Dayglow (VEL58)

Protect your glasses. Grab our new hard case that stores your glasses safely also when they bounce around or get squeezed in an unfriendly environment. This cases is specially designed to fit Velodrom sport glasses with a minimum of unnecessary extra volume. Made of metal covered with elegant leatherette.

Velodrom hard case / förvaringsask

Hard case VEL55

Recommended price at your dealer: Hector 34.50 €, Hector Bifocal 49.50 €, Hard case 5 €.